About Us


The Little Garden Company celebrates all the gifts that nature provides by cultivating two pathways.  


One pathway is through gardening. From a simple garden cleanup to turning a residential backyard into a food producing micro-farm or lush garden retreat we’re here to help! We offer a wide variety of gardening services:

  • Estate/Residential Garden Makeovers/Seasonal Change-overs
  • Corporate/Residential Custom Seasonal Indoor/Outdoor Planters
  • Vegetable Garden Installation
  • Garden Cleanup (Gettin’ rid of those darned leaves etc.)
  • Custom Raised Garden Beds for people with mobility restrictions 
  • Educational Consulting (Schools, First-Time Gardeners etc.)  

  Green Side Up!  


The second pathway The Little Garden Company operates along is Local, Sustainable, Chemical-Free Produce Delivery - from the Farm to the Consumer.

At various pop-up markets and corporate events throughout the year, and our online food delivery service we provide the consumer with the best source for ethically grown local harvest.

Through a network of local farmers, The LGC operates with transparency, giving the customer information on where each produce item is grown and the farming practices used.  

Healthy Eating = Healthy Life!  

2019 Brampton Farmers' Market